Personal Date and Contact Information

Name: Samer J. Rudwan   

Date of birth: 2.2.1961

Place of birth: Suweida\Syria


Lasting address: Damascus-Damascus University-Faculty of Education- Syria


First Degree:Bachelors

Specialization: Psychology

University Damascus 1983

 Last Scientifically Degree: Doctorate in Psychology

Area of Specialization : Abnormal Psychology/Clinical Psychology

Language of Study and Research:Germany

Institution:Leipzig University-Germany

Graduation Date: 1989


First Degree:Bachelors

Specialization: Psychology

University Damascus 1983

 Last Scientifically Degree: Doctorate in Psychology

Area of Specialization : Abnormal Psychology/Clinical Psychology

Language of Study and Research:Germany

Institution:Leipzig University-Germany

Graduation Date: 1989


·Actual Position: professor at the Faculty of Education and Psychology-Counseling Department. Damascus-University

Administrative and Scientifically  Experience

  1. Head of unity of Psychology in faculty of Education in Ibri-Oman from 2000 to 2004.
  2. Head of Educational Department in Faculty of Education in Ibri –Oman 2004-2007
  3. Qualification in Client Centered Psychotherapy
  4. Professional Psychotherapist, Professional Supervisor and qualifier Trainer in Psychotherapy, Counseling, and Communication (Therapeutically Communication and non-violence Communication).   
  5. Psychological  diagnostic and Psychometric
  6. Qualification in Medical Psychology
  7. Academically Counseling
  8. Experience in Programs Application and Data Analysis
  9. Member of many  Committee for Dissection of  Doctorate and Master  dissertations in Damascus University and Sultan Qaboos University-Oman.
  10. Editor in Journal of  Interdisciplinary Psychology. Lebanon-1994-2012.
  11. consultative Membership in
  12. consultative Membership in (Center for Family development
  13. Member of Evaluation of Counselor's work and their  counsels' quality of   in the Almostshar- Website-Saudi Arabian, 2008 (
  14. Scientific Consular in many Arabic Psychological Journals (Egypt and Algiers.
  15. Member of PSS MH Advisory Board (PSS MH Capacity Building Project in Syria.
  16. Trainer in PSS-Mental Health.
  17. Member of WHO- Global Clinical Practice Network (for the development of ICD-11-WHO)
  18. Cooperate with many national and international Organization in Syria (many Social Associates, UN-UNDP-UNHCR-SARC-,Ministry of Social Affairs, ministry of  Education, Health-ministry, Premiere Urgancy-PU, christian-guys-Society etc.) Supervision, Training, Counseling.

Research Fields

Psychotherapy, Mental Health, Health Psychology, Diagnostic,, Counseling, Psychological disorders  

Resarch  Output

(1) Empirical Studies

  1. The Effect of Self Efficiency of The Anxiety. Psychological Studies- Algerian. (2011in Arabic)

  2. The Kuwait University Anxiety Scale: Reliability and Criterion-Related Validity in Syrian College Students , Ahmed M. Abdel-Khalek and Samer Rudwan، Psychological Reports, 2001,89, (in English)

  3. The German Version of the Kuwait University Anxiety Scale-Revised, (Ahmed Abdel-Khalek, Kuwait University; Konrad Reschke,Leipzig University; Samer Rudwan, Damascus University Ismail Tanjour; Hashimi University). (in English) Psychol Rep. 2006 Oct;99(2):390-5



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5.Beck Depression Inventory (BDI). Journal of King Saud University for Educational and Islamic Studies. (1),453-486, 2003.

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7.Health Behavior and attitudes towards health: A comparative Study between Syrian and German Students. Journal of Social Affairs. 25-66, Winter 2001,72.

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11.The  Syrian Symptom Check List. Journal of Social Studies. Kuwait. 113-138k Winter 2001,4.

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  3. Ismail Tanjour & Samer Rudwan
    Emotional and behavior problems of children from divorce marriages - study in Syria
    . In 41. Symposium of  experimentell worked  Psychologists - Leipzig - 28.3.-1.4.1999.


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  5. Psycho-social Protective Factors  by old People in Syria .Poster Session . VI. European Congress of Health Psychology. Germany.  (In Germany)

Contribution in environmental Psychology in Syria  .Poster Session. VI. European Congress of Health Psychology. Germany. (In Germany)

(2) Theoretical Studies and  Scientific  article (original Works)

  1. Psychoneuroses: Descriptive Study in Psychoneurotic Disorders. (Historical Review) 2007.
  2. Heart Neuroses: Descriptive Study in Functional Disorders of Heart. (Historical Review and New Tendency) . 2000
  3. Academically Counseling from Psychological Perspective. Symposium of Academically Counseling. In Ibri-Oman. 2003.   
  4. Dreams from  antiquity to present ((Between Gilgamesh and transparency Dreams)). Journal of Knowledge. Syria.  March 1996, 390, 79-75.
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  13. Channels of sorcery’s  : obscurantist  minds and destroy society.

Technic (Multi-Media) and Ethical Issue. (2010).

 (3)Translated Studies and Scientific  article from Germany to Arabic

  1. Family Bands: Haw much Respect  to deserve the parents. International Culture. Kuwait. Maio,76, 1996. 159-180.
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Depression and Suicide in Males –a European View. Facts, Paradoxes. Journal of Psychological Studies. Algiers. 4-2011. (9-30).

(5) Psychological Articles

  1. Is my Child normal or not? Alarabi magazine.1999
  2. Sounds' hearing: Is not  just by  Schizophrenia. Alarabi magazine.1999
  3. Psychosomatically Diseases Alarabi magazine.2000.
  4. Are You addict? Alarabi Magazine. 2000.
  5. Depression and Woman. Alarabi magazine. 2005.
  6. The Political Analyzers: occupation where not vocation have. Alarabi magazine. 2004
  7. Anxiety Examination. Educations' letter. Oman. 2004  
  8. Intelligence and his Development. Education letter. . Educations' letter. Oman. 2005. 
  9. Finish Phobia.   2004.
  10. Reading in the Psychology of Violence. (totalitarianism Personality). 2004.

more as then 50 Articles in differently Syrian and Arabian Magazines.

 (5) Books

  1. Dreams between Realty and fantasy. (Translation from Germany). Dar Arwad. Syria. 1994. 2011 2. Edit.
  2. The Future of Psychotherapy. (Translation from Germany) Culture Ministry. Syria. 1999.
  3. Mental Health. (compilation). Dar Almassiera. Jordan. 2002. 2.edit.2007 3. edit. 2009
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  14. Erik H. Erikson –Life and Works . University Book House-United Arab Emirates- 2009
  15. Psychological Diagnostic. Damascus-University (2013-2014)
  16. Clinical Diagnostic (3-Parts -1000 Pages) (Translation from Germany) University Book House-United Arab Emirates. In Press
  17. Love, hatred, envy, jealousy: A psychoanalysis of the Emotions. (Translation from Germany) University Book House-United Arab Emirates. 2010
  18. Educational Counseling,  training: Learning and Training program to the mediation more therapeutically of conversation and

Counseling Competency. (2012)

  1. Practice of the psychotherapy : Theoretical Basis  of psychoanalysis and behavioral  therapy. (Translation from Germany) University Book House-United Arab Emirates-2008.
  2. Methodology of the psychotherapeutic individual  sitting: Introduction to dynamic, interactional Psychotherapy. (Translation from Germany) University Book House-United Arab Emirates (2011)
  3. Client-cantered conversation guidance: A Learn-und practice instructions for supporting occupations. (Translation from Germany) University Book House-United Arab Emirates (2012)
  4. Training-Manual for Adjustments-Competency and Life Skills (2011-SARK)
  5. Trainings-Manual od Person Centered counseling and Psychotherapy.
  6. Trainings-Manual of Emotive-Rational Psychotherapy.
  7. Crises Intervention and psychosocial Support  for Teacher in Schools

Supervision of Doctoral and Master Dissertations

More than 10 Master and Doctoral Students (in many clinical and mental Health fields)

Teaching Experience in Syria and Oman

More than 20 Years’ experience in Teaching (Mental Health, Abnormal Psychology, Counseling, Psychotherapy, Diagnostic, Assessments).

Conferences and Symposiums

  1. VI- European Health Psychology Congress. Leipzig- Germany. 1992.
  2. Toward Arabian Project for description the Helped-Psychological Works. Damascus- Syria. 1998.
  3. 41. Symposium of  experimental worked  Psychologists –Leipzig-Germany- 28.3.-1.4.1999.
  4. Psychology and Development Congress. Kuwait. 1999.
  5. The first Symposium of  Counseling and Guidance. Sultan Qaboos University. Muscat 2005.

ِExperiences and Activity in Oman

  1. Head of Psychological Unit from 2000 to 20004.
  2. Head of Educational Department from 2004-
  3. College  board Secretary  2001\2002.
  4. Committees' Member   of Studies and Researches from 2004-
  5. Committees' Member   of  Academic Plan for the Mental Health's course.
  6. Committees' head of Examinations Evaluation 2003.
  7. Workshops : Kindergartens' teachers, Teachers' practicum, Counseling, etc.    between 2000-2005.
  8. Supervision  to researches Student's group 2002\2003-2003\2004.
  9. Chairman of the Counseling's‘ committee 2003-2007
  10. Chairman of the public relations and information to the educational Group.
  11. Chairman of the researches' committee to the first  Symposium of Scientifically Education. 2004. Committees' Member   of Quality's‘ warrant. 2004-2007.